Tessa Burman, KPA CTP



As a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Professional Program (earning my KPA CTP credentials), I am dedicated to the use of reward-based training when working with my canine clients. 

My passion for “all things dog” began as a young child, however it wasn’t until my college years that I began to consider a professional career working with animals. After completing an introductory dog training course in 2015, I caught the “training bug” and became obsessed with the world of dog training and behavior. My formative training years were spent working in a variety of roles at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV) and at Denver-based Canis Major Dog Training (which sadly closed due to the pandemic). In 2020 I started my own business and am thrilled to specialize in working with two populations of dogs that cannot help but bring smiles to the faces of people everywhere: puppies and professional therapy dogs. I currently enjoy splitting my time amongst seeing private clients, teaching group classes, and working as a lead trainer in HSBV’s “Puppy Club” socialization program.

When I am not training dogs or (professionally) snuggling puppies, I enjoy trail running, indoor rock climbing, watching comedy movies, and spending quality time with my lab/cattle dog mix, Bindi.