Therapy Dog Clients - Who I Work With

I provide dog training and behavioral support to mental health professionals seeking to incorporate a therapy dog into their professional services. Whether you are just getting started on your training journey or already passed your therapy dog test and need additional support, I’m here for you!

Since training is only one part of the therapy dog equation, I work in partnership with Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado (PTDC), an organization that provides educational workshops on Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), therapy dog testing/registration, and personalized support for mental health professionals interested in or already utilizing AAT. Since I am a dog trainer and not a mental health professional, PTDC provides my clients with the other crucial side of the therapy dog equation: how to actually incorporate and deliver individualized AAT interventions with a canine co-therapist. 

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to partner with such a wonderful organization by presenting about dog body language at their workshops, and by helping folks prepare to take the PTDC therapy dog test.

To learn more about PTDC, please visit their website here.

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